Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fiber Fusion Travelling Show - Opening at VALA (in Redmond) Tonight!

So excited to see the Fiber Fusion show in the new VALA space!  VALA moved to a new location - it's still at Redmond Town Center, but down a few stores (to the East).  It's in an old clothing store retail it has lots of windows, lots of lights, and it's a very pretty space!!  PERFECT for the Fiber Fusion show!!

I helped unpack the show and get it ready for hanging, but haven't seen the full show in the new space yet.  

Here's a picture of my two paintings at the show.  I thought I'd submit the two tulip paintings I did using the same pattern but vastly different techniques.  The paintings have been titled "Tulips Two Ways"  "Serti" and "Stop-flow".    And I LOVE the other painting that they've been hung with.  It's a colorful, eye-catching wall for sure!! 

If you get the chance to stop by the opening reception, it would be great to see you!! We'll have munchies of course (and maybe even wine!).  Many of the artists will be attending plus there will be a talk by Juror Rock Hushka (lead curator at the Tacoma Art Museum).  The reception is tonight from 6pm-8pm, and VALA is in Redmond Town Center across from Chicos and Starbucks. 

If you can't make the opening reception, please feel free to stop by any time that VALA is open!!  The exhibit will be up through January 15th, 2017. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sharing A Humdrum Mom's Post "An Open Letter To The New President-Elect 2016"

I am sharing this post because it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now.  FYI - it is a rather long read. :-)

Hello Mr. President-Elect,

You have no idea who I am and to be honest... if you met me you'd probably walk on by.  I'm not glamorous or chic.  I'm not young or sexy.  I am truly just an ordinary, every-day, middle-class, woman. 

Mr. President-Elect, I am one of the millions of people that you are going to be leading as the next president of the United States.  Additionally, I am one of the many who did not vote for you.  I am a bit of an odd duck in that I REFUSE to choose a political party to follow blindly.  I vote what my conscious tells me to (sometimes that is Liberal, sometimes Republican, and sometimes Democrat) and this time my conscious was screaming at me to vote against you because of some VERY inflammatory things you said as you ran your campaign.  

Mr. President-Elect, I am not stupid.  I understand that to you, this was a game ... A very-big, very-important game... but a game none-the-less.  I am guessing that when you started out, you didn't really expect to win this game.   In fact, I am betting that you expected to be shot down pretty quickly, and when that didn't happen - I'm guessing that you were pretty honored and flattered to have so many people respond so positively to you.  I have to admit I was pretty horrified when you won.  But I've been thinking a lot about the situation our country is in and how you got to be where you now reside. 

Mr. President-Elect, I have to admit you played the game VERY WELL.  So well in fact, that you shocked the world by winning.   You won the game because you played the game in a way that nobody expected.  You played without the self-imposed rules that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party use.  You played the game your way, without their rules, by courting anyone and any advantage you could take.  You played the way that big business plays - the end justifies the means... and it worked.  It worked spectacularly.   

So you've won... now what?  Mr. President-Elect, I do not know if you really understand how much power you will have - AND how much power you won't have.  You've made some really big promises and you've made some really big threats.  It will be quite an interesting four years to watch and see if you can deliver on anything you said.  

But in spite of the inflammatory things that you've said, I have hopes for you Mr. President-Elect.  I have hopes that since you have won the game, you will now go back to being more-reasonable in your approach to life.  More responsive to those that need help.  I've done some research and it does appear that you have done some good in your life prior to being the President-Elect (and prior to being the big TV personality, or perhaps under the radar of the media?).  I am hoping that you will continue to carry forward, some of those good deeds into your soon-to-be presidential life.  

You have before you Mr. President-Elect, an opportunity to be a great man.  To do great things.  To affect great change.  Within you is the power to truly be a great president.  A President that all can look up to as you lead our nation in the next four years.  But Mr. President-Elect, that opportunity starts now!  Not, when you take office, but NOW!  You've pressed the flesh; you've done the congratulatory thing.  You're doing your best to look presidential.  I am sure you're enjoying the accolades and parties.  But what I don't see, is any real effort to ACT presidential.  This nation is in crisis and things are continuing to heat up, but all I am hearing from you is silence.  It is true that you have no power-as-president until you officially take office, but you DO have power!  

Now is the time when that power can be harnessed!  Now is your first-of-many opportunities to take a stand and start to set the tone for what your administration will be.  Sir, I am asking you to please step up, make a public statement, and take a stand against hate crimes and violence!  Our children are watching.  My friends and family members are not feeling safe.  It breaks my heart to see so many people feeling desolate and distraught...and much of that is a direct result of the way you played the game and the verbal stones you threw.  But the game is over.  You've won.  You've had a chance to relax and enjoy.  Please step up and begin the process of being the President.  I understand that you gave an interview with 60 Minutes during which you denounced the hate crimes (and I appreciate that), but it is not enough.  Call a press conference, show that you are partnering with the current administration against hate crimes.  Make a stand for unity and inclusiveness. 

With stones you can build a wall Mr. President-Elect, but with stones - you can also build a bridge.   Become a president for all of us instead of just some of us. 

Thank you from a humdrum mom.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Latest Sculpture

Hooray!  In spite of nasty weather, the threat of power loss, and serious time constraints due to muggle life interfering with art life...   I FINALLY managed to finish (and take pictures of) my latest silk and resin sculpture!  WHEW!   Just in time to submit it to a couple of art calls that I REALLLLLY wanted to get it in to!

SO here's the sculpture.  I've tentatively titled it "Risen again".
It was originally a painting that I created to be a part of a quad.  But they didn't turn out as I had hoped.  I then removed the painted silk from the canvas and had been playing with it - trying to figure out how I was going to use it. 

Originally I had thought to incorporate it into a mixed media piece with acrylics. But this turned out to be a MUCH better option!!  Have I mentioned, I just love Ice Resin!?

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Fun Evening At Vision 5 Art Gallery

Saturday, October 1st, 2016 was a fun evening at Vision 5 Art Gallery.   

Me and my two art pieces "Oh my,
Camelia!" and "Sweet Lil'Tulips"
I belong to the Surface Design Association (a fabulous organization, by the way) and our local group (called the Eastside SDA) has a month-long show at Vision 5.  

Saturday was the opening and as always, it was beautifully curated by Crystal Edwards.  I've selected some pictures of the artwork to share.  We have a LOT of talented artists!!

The artists include:  
Virginia Franz Turner GJ Gillespie Louise Roby Crystal Edwards
Gale Whitney Maura Donegan Rebecca Wachtman

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons... UM, I don't like Lemonade!

Have you ever heard the chirpy little saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".

I've always found that saying to be rather annoying... perhaps it's because I happen to strongly dislike lemonade!    Plus it the saying makes it sound like it's just sooo easy to just turn your lemons into lemonade.  Well I don't have the right tools, I don't like drinking lemonade (even with tea or fruit flavors in it!), and I think the whole saying downplays the real-life drama and frustrations that come with receiving lemons instead of whatever you thought you were supposed to receive!

SO I've decided that when life gives you lemons, you need to take a few moments (if possible) and re-imagine what those lemons could actually be! When I am stuck, I've found it best to let my mind think about the possibilities, and then augment my mind's processes with some good, old-fashioned research.  I'll look at Pinterest, my favorite blogs, my favorite Facebook and Instagram groups, and do a bunch of Googling (is that a word?).   I don't copy other people's work (in fact that's a pet peeve of mine!)... but I sometimes use them as inspirational stepping stones to find a solution that works for me (or a new recipe if you will!).  My favorite way to fill my mind with possibilities, is to simply play with things (with art supplies or building supplies, or jewelry supplies, or ...well you get the idea). The playing with supplies, opens the mind up to new possibilities.  

As for "real" lemons?  Well my favorite use is a recipe I ended up finding in a cookbook I own, that has a fabulous recipe for Mediterranean Garlic-Lemon Chicken. YUMMMM!!!! (a far better usage of lemons than making lemonade in my humble opinion!!).

What is this all leading to in my blog post you ask?  Well, I have been running into a few "lemons" in my art world lately.   This year my art seems to be revolving more around resin and silk than in painting on silk (which is lovely and I'm seriously enjoying!!), but I have created a few lemons for myself.  My biggest lemon (which is a bit embarrassing to admit) was my largest (star-shaped) resin and silk bowl that I've made to date.  I finished it (or so I thought), and sent it out on a trip to Wenatchee Washington to be displayed at a state-wide conference.  I was QUITE honored to have it shown there!

The larger star-shaped bowl and a 2nd, smaller    
bowl as they appeared when I sent them
off to the conference.
I dutifully packed it (along with a selection of other artwork) and waited to hear what everyone thought. I did receive some lovely comments about my artwork, but nothing too much was mentioned about the bowls.  THEN I received my bowls back.  I was SHOCKED.. and more than a little upset!  The big bowl had pretty much collapsed more into a wobbly plate shape rather than in it's fabulous star shape that I sent it out as.  It turns out that it was VERY hot in the car on the ride up and back.  And basically, the resin wasn't thick it softened enough to lose it's shape. Embarrassing to say the least!  So much so, that I didn't even take a picture of it in that shape!

My next step was to do a bit more research about the resin.  I had crafted the star bowl in the same manner that I did all of my other resin bowls and sculptures.  But this was bigger and had the added issue of heat having been applied to it.  The resin manufacturer had little help to offer.  They suggested that I just keep experimenting.  They did seem to think that the heat shouldn't bother it since it had set up properly (but trust me, the heat DID bother it!!).   

A peak at the new sulpture 
After doing as much research as I could (and some more experimentation), I decided to do my best to
reform the bowl and then add additional layers of resin.  That seems to have helped (BUT my embarrassment with the piece has not diminished!),  SO I decided that I needed to do more.  What was 2 separate bowls (as seen in the above picture) will now merge together to form a single, lovely flower sculpture.   I think that this new form is actually a vast improvement over the old one.  Not only is it stronger (and far more stable!), but it is now even more visually appealing!   It's not quite done yet... but here's a peek at the new sculpture (and I've already looked at a few shows that I think are a perfect fit for it!).

With all of this in mind, I have decided that making lemonade out of lemons is no longer accurate for me.  From now on, I'm making something MORE exciting out of my lemons!  I believe: failure invites the opportunity to be creative! (now if only I can remember that in my personal life!!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Do You Get Focused To Create Your Art?

I don't know about you, but there are MANY times when I struggle to create art. Not because I lack inspiration, but because I am usually very limited on time. And when I do sneak a few minutes to create art, I find myself swept away by business needs (updating my blog, Facebook, Instagram etc, or doing taxes and other office work), or I find a million other things in my studio that keep me busy but also keep me from actually creating art (like cleaning up the messes that I have previously left, or playing with new art supplies).  

But then I visited a friend's house  and she has a lovely ceremony she does when she starts art or any endeavor that is creative - she creates an art alter (complete with candles and incense) and invites her muse to join her.  I LOVE that idea!! (thank you Jacquie Calladine, for providing such wonderful inspiration!)   

So I created my own little art alter.  Mine has bits of nature found on walks, bits of the art I've worked on, and bits of things that I love and that inspire me.  So now, when I'm serious about creating art... I make sure my alter looks inviting and then I light my candles and say a prayer or two.  

I'm not sure I believe in Muses per say, but I do believe in an almighty, powerfully-creative God and I know that any talent I possess, has to come from him/her.  So to me, my muse and my God are one and the same... and I absolutely love the idea of fully opening myself to allowing God to inhabit my studio and myself as I create art. The process of lighting the candles and inviting in the muse, makes me hyper-aware that this time should be for creating.  It is easier for me to stay focused when I have that visual reminder that my creativity is active and awaiting use. Plus the candles add a lovely and inviting warmth to the space.  

How do you keep yourself in a creative mindset?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Working On New Resin Sculptures

I have to admit, I'm rather liking the resin and silk sculptures!!    Unfortunately, since I have a small studio, that means that I'm not getting much painting done (sigh).   But my sculptures are coming along nicely.

I have one that is twice reclaimed (and it's name will probably reflect that).  I've been experimenting with how to create interesting curves with it.  It started off as reclaimed silk which I then painted a partial flower upon using the Serti method.  I decided I didn't like it and I removed it from the canvas (which took some doing since it was adhered with matte medium), and now it's becoming a flower sculpture! 

I have a transparent one with pink and blue streaks, that started off as a large, sculptural bowl.... but it's larger size combined with a hot car ride to a local show - caused it too droop (something it wasn't supposed to be able to do, according to the manufacturers of the resin!).  I've been adding additional resin to strengthen it and have now decided that it too, will be a flower (it will be combined with the smaller bowl of the same fabric and colors).

And I have a blue sculptural bowl started - which I have lots of ideas for and I am not sure which idea will win.    

After these, I'm hoping to work on a tall resin and silk sculpture (but first I've got to figure out how to get the structural support I desire from the resin I'm using).   So exciting to see where my experiments lead!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Update To Testing Jacquard's New Water-based Resist

Jacquard's Water-
based resist

I was very excited to test out Jacquard's new Water-based Resist for silk painting.  I've used a variety of resists and each has their pluses and minuses... and this new resist is no different.

On the plus side:
  • It's premixed and already at a good consistency for applying with an applicator bottle. 
  • It drys fairly rapidly
  • It repels dye very well
  • Dye painted on top of the line doesn't soak through
  • Once dried it can't be scrubbed away
  • It is relatively inexpensive and easy to get a hold of (Dharma Trading carries it - as does at least one local store)
  • Dye can be added to it to tint the resist
But there are some issues that I am having some challenges with!  So to be fair, on the negative side:
  • It doesn't always flow out of the applicator nicely and I often get bigger globs (meaning I have a hard time getting nice, crisp edges on my lines!)
  • Along with coming out of the applicator unevenly, it also tends to spread out rather than hold the line which also results in very uneven lines.
  • It re-moistens while you're painting - which for me is a REAL problem! Sometimes I need to transport my paintings (which admittedly, is a dangerous thing to do while the dye has not set!).   SO normally, I demo or teach and then carefully wrap up my painting (which I have made sure the dye is dry) in  newsprint paper and then a plastic bag.  Initially I didn't realize that the resist actually re-moistens and then it stuck to the newsprint --- but as it got jostled around inside the bag... the re-moistened resist not only stuck to the newsprint - but then reapplied itself to the painting in new and unwanted places!!! NOT good!!

Other resists I have tried and few of their pluses and minuses:

Prochemical Cold Wax 
Prochemical's Cold Wax
Pluses: Relatively affordable, tintable, applicable with Molotow pens or a brush (I LOVE the fine lines that I can get when applying it with a brush!!), washes out easily (little residue).
Minuses: Prochemical has discontinued sales (apparently similar products are available through other outlets), super-runny so won't work with my regular applicators, can actually be scrubbed out of the silk while you're painting it if your brush rubs it too much, sometimes the wax separates in the bottle and if not well-mixed - will not act correctly as a resist.
Conclusion: When it is mixed well and works correctly - I love it!! When it isn't... well let's just say I have a painting with odd-looking oil stains that won't clean out of the fabric - it's a serious bummer!

Resistad - and yes, this is the packaging it
came in!

Pluses: It holds an applied resist line beautifully, once heat-set it can not be brushed out as you paint,
once steamed the Resistad is easily washed out of the fabric, it is easily tinted, you can thin it down as much as you want and will still act as a resist while pretty thin, I bought a medium-sized bottle and it has lasted me quite a long time.
Minuses: It comes from New Zealand only (and I just heard through the grapevine that they are probably going to discontinue it's manufacture!!! - OMG!),  because it comes from New Zealand - it is pricey, once applied to the fabric and heat set -- it has an odd action of resisting the dye that comes next to it - BUT if you paint over the heat-set resist line --- it will PULL the dye INTO it...meaning you'll get weird-looking dye-lines inside the resist lines (which means I have to be super-careful...and that is sometimes hard for me).
Conclusion: It was what I learned with - and my best paintings have been created using this as my resist.  I will cry if it truly becomes discontinued (along with many of my fellow silk painters!)

Gutta/Permanent Water-based Resists
Jacquard's water-based PERMANENT
Resist (dry-clean to remove)
Pluses: It holds the line well, it comes in pre-mixed colors, it adds texture/depth, inexpensive and easily obtainable (I personally love it for adding gorgeous texture and strong color to stamens - or to give the lines a look like stained-glass lead).
Minuses: Making a mistake is not fixable (you can't wash it out - some can be removed with dry-cleaning fluids but not all). Limited color options, adds texture that is always there (unless it can be removed with dry-cleaning fluid)
Conclusion: I use it occasionally  - mainly for stamens and mainly for silk paintings that are painted in the Serti technique

My overall conclusions?   Well... I am truly stuck.  Jacquard's new water-based resist works OK but it really doesn't meet my needs for a resist - other than being easy to use for beginning students.  I still prefer Resistad's versatility and ability to apply nicely (no clumps) and hold a line well - plus I love that I can move my paintings and not worry about the resist being sticky.   I can add color, it holds my line, it can't be scrubbed out while painting.    Really, no one thing meets ALL of my needs and my advice to you is to try them all and decide for yourself (I wish I could tell you that Brand X was the only good choice, but alas...that isn't so).  None of them are too expensive and it is worth the price to test them all.    

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPIN Festival Silk-in-Transitions Art Show Acceptance

I am thrilled to announce that my silk & resin sculpture Enlightened Flower has been accepted into the Silk Painter's International (SPIN) Silk-in-Transitions Art Show - which will be held at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!  I am honored and excited to have one of my pieces accepted into such an amazing show!! 

The Silk-in-Transitions art show takes place during the SPIN conference and while I'm sad that I can't personally attend, it's exciting to know that my artwork will!  My artwork will be available for viewing from October 1st, 2016 through November 5th, 2016. 

Thank you SPIN!!  I can't wait to see pictures of the show!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

When The Child Is Away, This Is How I Play!

New painting in progress

My daughter is off at camp for a week.... lucky girl!  And I miss her dreadfully, but to fill the void - I am getting to spend some quality time in my studio!! HOORAY!  Because I normally work full-time, getting long periods in my studio is a very rare thing.  SO what have I done?  Well, I've played with my new camera (hoping to learn enough to get some good bird shots to use as reference for painting), I also have been cleaning and organizing my studio space, AND I've been painting.   

Am I getting 8+ hours a day of painting done?? No.  sigh.  It's amazing how so many things crop up to kill my "free" time (sick dogs, household chores, multiple date-nights with my wonderful hubby, and a guilty pleasure I like to call Pokeman Go).    

The under-painting for shadows 

Here is the beginning of my current painting.  I started off under-painting it with shadows (an experiment based on Judy Treman's book Building Brilliant Watercolors, in which she expounds about the magic of disappearing purple).  The theory is you paint the shadow first and then as you paint over them with other colors, the purples just seem to disappear into your painting.   Some watercolor ideas do work for silk painting, so I thought I'd give it a try.   

The tree and branches
painted in... shadows gone.    
I painted in the tree and branches first.  While I like how it's turning out... the shadows were pretty much completely hidden/lost - especially in areas where I applied a lot of resist as moss.  

The disappearing purple did work somewhat in the flowers... (see the first picture) but the dyes and the resist are too strong and covered up a good deal of the purple completely.  Kind of a bummer since it means I will have to go back over the painting and apply shadows later.   But a fun experiment!    Once I get better at watercolor painting, I will try it out this technique again!!  

It has been fun to experiment and I've really enjoyed getting some quality painting time in!   

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Busy Busy Busy!

Silk Painting Workshop at Allied Arts Gallery At The Park

It has been an exciting and fun year so far!!  After attending the Fiber Fusion Show opening (where I won Best Use of Mixed Media!!), I went back to Richland the next weekend and taught 2 workshops... Intro to Silk Painting and Resisting Your Dyes with an Ice Dyeing Kicker.

Resisting Dyes/Ice Dyeing Workshop at Allied Arts
Gallery At The Park - yes it was messy, but fun!!!

You can see we were making quite the mess in the Resists (Shibori) class!!

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that took my workshops!!! You made the workshops so much fun!!!!

The next week was graduation for the Transition students at the ACT Program where I have a muggle job as a vocational specialist and was responsible for the slideshow/movie presentation.

I am SO proud of these young people!!!!

And then the next weekend I got to demo Silk Painting at the Whidbey Island Garden Tour.  I was located at the HalyRune Gardens, which were gorgeous!

An example of a work in progress,
using the Serti Method on reclaimed
silk (from a silk shirt sleeve)

Now I am settling down to do a bit more art-creation before starting my silk painting class (Class # 5660) at
the Redmond Senior Center in July.

Currently I'm working on creating a few more Serti examples for my students.

 And of course, I'm also working on my latest silk&resin creations.

This one is almost done and ready to submit to a show.

YUP, it's a busy summer - and I LOVE IT!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Fiber Fusion Opening Reception

Me and A Resinable Trio with my
certificate and prize

I have to say I'm feeling a bit gob-smacked!  I went to the Fiber Fusion opening today at Gallery At The Park in Richland, WA and ended up winning Golden Acrylic's Best Use of Mixed Media prize for A Resinable Trio !!

It is such an honor just to be juried into the show - but to receive an award as well.... wow!!   Especially in light of the INCREDIBLE pieces I saw in the show today!  The venue is fantastic and the show is incredibly well-curated!!

My bowls are in the center,  The egg-shape entitled The Birth
of the Grid (to the right of my bowls) won the Juror's Choice
award!  It's amazing!

Our show even made the news again! Here's the link to the Tri-cities NBC Affiliate (KNDO/KNDU) piece they did about our show (my bowls are shown near the beginning of the piece and then I'm shown accepting my award towards the end).

My friend Barb Matthew's pieces (the circular
sculptures) and my other friend Crystal Edward's piece
(above and to the left of Barb's pieces) were also in the show!

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement - I really appreciate all the love, inspiration, and support you've all given me!!  Especially my husband and daughter - without you both, I would be lost!

Another selection of the incredible fiber art being shown,
and yes, those are sock monkeys!!

For those who have the chance to visit Allied Art's Gallery At The Park in Richland, WA - the show is on through June 23rd, 2016.  It really is an impressive-looking show, and it is the first travelling show ever in the history of the Surface Design Association!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Shibori Examples For Upcoming Workshop At Allied Arts Gallery-in-the-Park In Richland, WA

I've been enjoying creating a few examples of different Shibori techniques for my upcoming workshop Resisting Your Dyes With An Ice Kicker at Allied Arts Gallery-in-the-Park on June 11th.

I was having so much fun, that my daughter decided she had to join me (which I LOVE!) - and then we decided we couldn't just make a few samples, we had to dye some shirts too (12 to be exact - which is a LOT of shirts!).  

It was a lot of work (a lot more than I was expecting because of the additional shirts!), but it was sooo much fun!!

In fact, I'm thinking I may see if I can find an old tablecloth and dye it for my studio worktable and maybe my dining room table too!

Just a couple more weeks before the workshop - I can't wait to see what my workshop students create! FUN! FUN! FUN!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Packaging and Shipping To The Fiber Fusion Show

Well today was the day - I FINALLY managed to get my bowls labeled (a challenge in and of itself!), protected (thank you bubble wrap), a box cut down to the right size (thank you hubby for the new box sizer!!!), and the box lined with high density foam and loaded with artwork... and shipped. whew. 

3 cute little sculptural bowls shouldn't be that much work right?  That's what I thought!

THEN I got busy with the actual processes....and always making sure I followed the show's rules and guidelines for shipping (sure hope I did it all correctly!!).

The rules seem simple enough.  

  1. Must be mailed by x-date (no problem IF you've done all the other steps!)
  2. Your name, artwork title, and inventory number must be on all packaging materials (hmmm... lots of packaging materials means lots of labeling!)
  3. Create an inventory sheet to place inside the box that has  
    • Your name
    • Your artwork title
    • Retail value
    • Your contact info
    • The shipping to information
    • Your shipping from information
    • The final gallery address shipping from information
    • Your address for shipping to after the final show
    • Pictures of your artwork (and recommended a picture of your packaging and box too)
    • Inventory number
    • Any hanging instructions
    • Unpacking and repackaging instructions (and NO peanuts allowed!)
  4. Include a prepaid return shipping label (ok, that was a bit of a pain!!... more in a bit about this)
  5. The box must be sturdy enough to withstand multiple openings and repacking (it's a multi-location show). 
  6. Tape with packing tape only!
  7. Take pictures of all of your artwork - in and out of protective packaging and of the box inside and outside ... for your own protection in case it's lost or stolen (or confused with other people's stuff??)
So my first problem was labels.  My little bowls have bases about the size of quarters.  PLUS they are see-through.  Regular labels look horrible.  I ended up buying see-through labels, printing in incredibly small font, and then cutting the labels down to fit the bottom of the bowls. (Oh and I had to perform a couple of tests to make sure that the labels and removing the labels, wouldn't harm the bowls!)

Next was creating the inventory list.  Not that big of a deal except I decided I wanted to include as many pics of the packaging as possible - but still provide all the required information and have it look nice too. Time consuming but not really hard to do.

The last issue was really the shipping.  Not a big deal I thought, just run it down to Fedex, explain I needed to ship to one place and a prepaid label back to me from a different place.  Shouldn't take very long...right?  wrong.  Fedex agreed that it was easy to do... but I would need a Fedex account. What? oh.. okay.  SO, the nice lady set me up with an account (credit card required!!) and then had me step over to a kiosk to do all the data entry and label printing.  Yup... had to spend time typing in all the details,
measuring the box, weighing the box, and getting the labels printed (and charged to my brand new account, of course).  Interestingly, the label to ship back to me after all the shows are done - was printed in a format that ships FROM me and TO me....which I had to pay for in advance!   The kind lady behind the desk explained that when the package actually shipped with the label on it, the charges would be adjusted (meaning increased) as needed - based on the actual shipping-from address at that time.  oky dokey.
 All in all, it took me about 40 minutes to get it all set up, processed, printed, packaged sealed (with prepaid return label inside), and handed over to the nice lady behind the counter. WHEW.  

Really - it should be easy from now on, to ship via Fedex... so I think it's a good thing overall (but when you're already late for work, this was not a fun experience!). 

SO my artwork is winging it's way across the state to Richland, Washington.   I'll be seeing it again soon, when I attend the opening festivities on June 5th, 2016 (from 1pm-3pm).  I hope to see you there!!!  (and thank you Fedex lady, for all your wonderful help and advice!!!)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting Ready For Allied Arts Workshops

Oh My, Camellia!
Resin-a-bowl Star(t) and Starter
So much to do in the next month!  I've just sent out a box containing 2 paintings (Oh My, Camellia! and Pocket Full of Tulips) and 2 silk & resin bowls (Resin-a-bowl Star(t) and Resin-a-bowl Starter), to the Summit Gallery at the Community Summit Conference in Wenatchee, WA.   It's such an honor to be included in their show!

Now that those pieces have been shipped off to Wenatchee, it's time for me to focus on my next art adventure - which is teaching a workshop on Silk Painting and a workshop on Resists and Ice Dyeing.  Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to teaching workshops at Allied Arts in Richland, Wa!

This week I'm starting to go through my supplies and order new/replacement materials to use at
New Serti example for class
Allied Arts.  I've been going through my stretcher frame supplies (ie. pvc pipes and joints) and making sure I have enough for everyone  (plus a few extra - I always feel it's better to be OVER-prepared rather than under-prepared!!).   I've placed an order for more dyes and dyeset (I used all my dyeset up making examples for the class... oops!!).  

My bigger challenge is the resists's class... I have so much I want to cover!! I need to figure out what's really feasible.  

Today my daughter and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon tying, binding,
and clamping t-shirts for dyeing tomorrow.    I've forgotten how many rubber bands were needed when binding things, So today's tip is to make sure you have a LOT of rubber bands on hand when you want to do shibori or tie-dying!  (I need to put that on the list of things to purchase!!)   I had also forgotten how strong you need to be when wrapping string around cloth - So another tip might be to use leather gloves or at
least wrap your pinkie finger with something before binding your fabric with string... that string will really cut into your skin after a while! 

We'll post the results of our efforts soon!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Workshops offered in Richland, WA

Silk Painting example 1

I'm so excited!! My two workshops are officially posted on Allied Arts Gallery's website!!    They are being offered in conjunction with the new Fiber Fusion show which is opening the previous weekend.  (HOORAY!).  

I'm offering a beginning Silk Painting class (Serti method - which means "closing", "Wall" or Fence"...what it really refers to is using a resist to stop the dye from flowing into undesired areas of your painting), and I'm offering a workshop that will let participants play with various forms of Shibori-based resists as well as Ice Dyeing.   Shibori is a ancient Japanese set of binding techniques in which you bind your fabric in different ways to create a wide variety of patterns.  Tie-dyeing is technically a modern version of Shibori. 

Silk Painting example 2

Both classes are being offered  on June 11th at the Allied Arts Gallery in Richland, WA.  Introduction to Silk Painting is being offered from 9am-12pm and the Resists/Ice-dyeing (Resisting Your Dyes with Ad Ice Kicker) workshop is being offered from 1pm-4pm.  

The prices are very affordable ($50 for the Silk Painting and $35 for the Ice Dyeing).   I hope to meet a bunch of new people, and I know we'll have a blast playing with natural fibers and dyes (and learning
Ice Dyeing example
of course)!  

For more information, please see: