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When Is It OK To Use Products From China? (A Review of a Parts-Carousel from Harbor Freight Tools)

So as you probably know, I am an avid recycler.   I am NOT perfect, but I do the best I can to recycle whatever I can - from shipping materials (almost always), to jewelry and fabrics, to furniture (especially for my studio!).  But there are times when I simply can not find what I want or worse... when what I want APPEARS to be vintage, but in reality is still from China (reproductions) that still cost an arm and a leg to own.  

Case in point - "old" revolving, tool-caddies/parts-carousels. 
You would think they would be easy to find at antique stores etc...and they are.  But I caution you to look them over carefully!  For I have discovered a great many of them are being reproduced from china with a vintage look and have found MANY being sold as true vintage in flea markets and antique stores. 

I have a business license and even at wholesale prices, the china reproductions being sold are quite spendy.  

I have been looking for a carousel for over 2 years and have had little lu…

Invited to Demonstrate Silk Painting at SDA Eastside Meeting

I feel so honored!  

I was invited to do a silk painting demo at this Sunday's SDA Eastside meeting (held at VALA in Redmond Town Center, Redmond WA  from 2pm - 4pm). 

I even received a nice little write-up on the SDA Eastside Facebook page which was reposted on VALA's Facebook page.  

I am planning on Demo'ing silk painting and then letting everyone try it out for themselves.  You'll be able to see the difference between the traditional Serti-method and the new, Sistek-method (using Magic Sizing as a stop-flow). 
Hope to see you there!!


To those writing beginning art books and to those seeking beginning watercolor or drawing books

Hi Friends,

I have a confession.... I am creating art (in the form of Silk Painting), but haven't had much in the way of any formal training.  I've been informed that I am considered to be a "primitive artist" (although that term apparently isn't used much anymore because it implies poorer quality art)!  My last official class in art was well-over 30+ years ago (and I'm not sure what I took for middle-school art qualifies as a true art class!).

I was brought up to believe that art wasn't overly important and DEFINITELY NOT a proper goal for education and employment, and instead was STRONGLY encouraged to pursue science-based education.  I spent the majority of my adult life dabbling in art(& crafts) and at times I have been pretty successful, but most of the time... the process of creating art has been incredibly frustrating because I could see that SOMETHING was wrong but I couldn't figure out why.

I feel like an extreme generalist with…