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55 World Globe Bowls UPDATE

Am I up to my ears in globe-bowls? YUP! I knew it was a lot of work when I agreed to do it, and like all big projects, I'm wondering why the heck I agreed to do this??  CRAZY! But I am pleased to say that I have been stepping through my to-do list in a timely manner - in spite of working full time, being a mom, a wife, and having lots of extended-family issues (oy). 9/28 update - All bowls have had their final white-paint coats done on the insides!  Labels are being added and I am working on touching up major damage to the map-surface (some of the globes were missing big chunks of map).  But for the most part, they are done - HOORAY!! So far I've completed steps 1-14 for all 55 bowls! (YEAH!!) __x_ Do I have enough globes? YES.   (Whew!)   __x_ Do I have enough bases? yup.   __x__Do I have enough hardware DONE .. thought I did. NOPE .  Gotta go get slightly longer screws.... sigh. I thought I had the right size, but didn't take into account that some of th

The Washington State Fair in Puyallup Washington - Fabulous Art Show!

If you didn't have the chance to stop in and see the Fine Art Show at the Puyallup Fair (now known as the Washington State Fair) - you missed out on seeing some great stuff!  I have 2 friends that had works in the show (as I did - and I mentioned in the previous post). Teresa Palmer is a quilter and has only been quilting for a couple of years - but is creating amazing pieces!!  Her quilt won an honorable mention for this year's fair! Dragon Bowl - Sally Anaya The other artist is an INCREDIBLE weaver!  Her name is Sally Anaya and is is known throughout the country as an expert in her field! She's a lovely woman whom I've gotten to know when I joined the Fiber 19 art group.  I watched her work on her dragon basket for over 2 years.  She created the design herself and spent countless hours weaving it. It won "Reserve Grand Champion" - and rightly so! Isn't it amazing??!!! To find out more information about Sally and her art - cl

The Puyallup Fair & Fine Art Show 2015

I had such a great time this year - visiting the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA (known until recently, as the Puyallup Fair)! This year, I applied for (and was accepted into) the Fine Art Fair which is held during the fair.  Both of my pieces made it in and it was a real thrill for me to go to the fair and visit my pieces on display!! Of course, I had to take pictures of myself with my paintings.  My two pieces which are on display are: Oh My, Camelia! and "Sweet Lil Tulips". We didn't just stay in the Fine Art area of course, we had to have the prerequisite fair foods (Scones with strawberries are ALWAYS a hit), ride a few rides (love the roller coasters, hate ANYTHING that turns upside down!), and see a few free shows (the hypnotist is always hysterical!). I ran into a couple of friend's pieces while I was there too - my next post will be about their artwork (which is fabulous, so stay tuned!) If you went to the Puyallup Fair, I hope yo

If You Grew Up Near Renton Washington, Maybe You'd Remember This!

Vintage Sears photo courtesy of Anne Garber's Pinterest page . I grew up in the Seattle area - moving around a bit, but staying within the general area.  One of the things my family liked to do, was visit Newberry's and Sears in Renton, WA.  I have VERY fond memories of the candy counter at Sears - where a kid with a quarter could buy a little bag of candies...yum! Newberry's Soda Fountain Photo courtesy of The Daily Newberrys had a soda fountain (cafe) which was my mother's favorite place to get a hot dog - because they made buns out of folded, toasted bread.  But my very favorite thing to do - was to play on the cement turtles outside.  There were little turtles and big turtles.  You could step from turtle to turtle and climb the big ones.  They were there for years, after newberry's left..and even after Sears left.  Then they disappeared. BUT guess who I found on the grounds of the Renton Highland's Library??  YUP! One

How to get a sink into my studio without replumbing

I have a bit of a conundrum.  I rather desperately need a sink in (or near) my studio.  I must confess that my studio is currently a bay in my garage (with bits and pieces sneaking their way into the rest of the garage). My home is small, my garage is small, and my space is ...well... limited (and that's probably a mild understatement).   My garage has 2 bays (1 side filled with storage for the house and the other side is my studio) and the front part of the garage also holds the washer and dryer, and ironing board.  There is a shop area behind the garage which I am SERIOUSLY considering moving into (and moving the shop out into the garage bay).  But that will take a good deal of work. So how do I get a sink into an area that has no space?  Could I put it next to the washing machine and share the water lines and drain pipes? Not really - there's absolutely no room for a sink (the washer and dryer are wedged against 2 walls and surrounded by the only real storage we have for

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

me, Aug 2015 Ok, I know this isn't really art-related, but I'm feeling a bit .... confused... about what to do with my hair. This is my hair (and me of course) now - trying on what are about become my new glasses  (thank you, Costco!).  I like my hair this length because I can put it into a pony-tail or up in a little bun, or just let hang loose.  I know it's probably not the most modern look, nor is it as flattering as other looks I've had.  But the benefit of being able to put it up, is that it won't get in my way when working on art (see it is a little bit art-related!) Yes there are blond streaks in it - but only in preparation for putting in streaks of fun colors (historically, I've had purples, blues, and/or aqua/teals in my hair).  I'm not the sort to dye my hair to cover the gray, but I am the sort to enjoy playing with color and my hair is just another canvas! Me, April 2015 (wearing one of my silk pendants)   This was me a

55 Globe Bowls... tick... tick... tick...

Most of my cut globes The bases with holes drilled in them 9/11/15 update - have gotten all the gluing done (whew!).  Now on to the sanding of the insides and edges. And on a different note, The victims and heroes of 9/11 are in my thoughts and prayers today! Tick... tick... tick... the sound of the clock.  There is NOTHING like a deadline to make you aware of time!  Specifically, how LITTLE time you have to get your project done! I've created a checklist for myself so I know what I need to do and when I need to have it all done.  I thought perhaps that would help me feel more organized - and it does... but it also feels like I've put a bunch more pressure on myself rather than alleviating it. __x_ Do I have enough globes? YES.   (Whew!)   __x_ Do I have enough bases? yup.   ____Do I have enough hardware .. thought I did. NOPE .  Gotta go get slightly longer screws.... sigh. I thought I had the right size, but didn't take into account that some of t

Bowls For Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation Charity Gala

WOW!  I'm feeling very honored!  I was asked by a lovey woman named Kalla, if I would be interested in creating 50 world globe bowls (which will hold floral displays) for the upcoming Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation annual charity gala.  Of course, my answer is yes!! To accommodate her request, I'm scrounging around for as many blue globes (reasonably priced and in decent condition) as possible.  I only need 3 more globes!   Here's my pile so far (how's that for a lot of globes??)   Do I feel badly - that I am cutting them up (some might even say destroying them?)....yes a bit.   But for the most part, these are all slightly damaged (if not heavily damaged), and many of them were already coming apart at the seam.  ALL of them were gotten at thrift stores or garage sales. I will lovingly take them apart at the equator-seam.  Repair what I can (small holes, dents and bits of loose or missing surface paper), then sand them, attach them to bases, and paint their i