Monday, September 21, 2015

If You Grew Up Near Renton Washington, Maybe You'd Remember This!

Vintage Sears photo courtesy of Anne Garber's Pinterest page.
I grew up in the Seattle area - moving around a bit, but staying within the general area.  One of the things my family liked to do, was visit Newberry's and Sears in Renton, WA. 

I have VERY fond memories of the candy counter at Sears - where a kid with a quarter could buy a little bag of candies...yum!

Newberry's Soda Fountain
Photo courtesy of The Daily

Newberrys had a soda fountain (cafe) which was my mother's favorite place to get a hot dog - because they made buns out of folded, toasted bread. 

But my very favorite thing to do - was to play
on the cement turtles outside.  There were little turtles and big turtles.  You could step from turtle to turtle and climb the big ones.  They were there for years, after newberry's left..and even after Sears left.  Then they disappeared.
BUT guess who I found on the grounds of the Renton Highland's Library??  YUP! One of the original turtles!!

Tommy the Turtle - outside of the Renton Highlands Public Library
Apparently someone made a bunch of these (dubbed Tommy the Turtle) and sold them to a mall developer who put them in various malls across America in the 1960's.  

Personally, I LOVE those turtles... and I would happily have them all in my yard if I could!!  Thank you to whomever was the artist who created them!!  You brought a lot of fun to my young life, and happy memories now!


  1. The turtles were designed by Milton Hebald (1917-2015) and produced by the Play Sculptures division of Creative Playthings. We know of about 60 still standing.

  2. I didn't realize there were that many still around. I LOVE them - such good memories from my childhood!! Thanks for the information Mike G!