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Resisting Your Dyes
Saturday, August 12th, 2017 - from 11:00am to 3:00pm
Resisting Your Dyes - A chance to learn and play with a variety of resist and dyeing techniques that are Shibori and Tye-dyed-inspired.
Students will have the opportunity to play with natural-fiber fabrics and learn a variety of fun techniques for applying dyes and using physical resists.
Students will learn:
A variety of Shibori/Tye-dying techniques. A few of the techniques include: twisting and tying up fabric using string resists, use various clamps as resists, placing beans/marbles/rocks or other materials into fabric and tying fabric around them to create resists. If time, they can practice sewn-in resists using needles and thread.
They will be making Shibori and Tye-dye samples to take home. If they wish, they can dye a shirt or two as well!
Students will need to bring:
At least 4 (no more than 8) pieces of natural-fiber fabric (100% natural fibers are best!). Any natural fiber fabric will do. For example: buy a cotton sheet at a thrift store and cut it into smaller sizes, or use a variety of different scraps you already have. The fabric doesn't matter so long as it's natural fiber.
Fabric should be at least a 6"square/rectangle up to 24"square/rectangle in size - a few t-shirts are fine, but please don't bring bolts of fabric!
Students will also need to bring a large plastic bucket, tray, or plastic bags - for transporting their still-wet, dyed items home.
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Also, if you're interested in taking private or semi-private classes, please contact me via email at, or call me at 206-745-2363.  

Basic Silk Painting (Level 1 Beginners)

Basic Silk Painting Class/Workshop includes:
  • Silk painting - basics handout 
  • Basic Supplies List of products used in class
  • How to stretch silks for painting  
  • How to transfer your design onto silk
  • How to draw with guttas and resists on silk
  • Painting on silk using Jacquard silk dyes (we will also discuss using silk paints vs using silk dyes to paint with)
  • Adding texture to your artwork using salts
  • How to dye-set silk
  • Each student will take home their own, lovely finished project!

Please contact me if you're interested in any additional classes or ongoing classes.  Options could include:
  • Wall Art Class, continuing/ongoing  - expand on your basic silk painting techniques.  Work on shading, color blending, and different resist options (ex: Resistad, Gutta, Cold Wax).  Use your skills to create an original wall art piece. 
  • Silk Scarves class - expand on your basic silk painting techniques.  Work on shading, color blending, and different resist options (ex: Resistad, Gutta, Cold Wax).  Use your skills to create your own unique, one-of-a-kind scarf.
  • Stop-flow technique - An advanced class for silk painters.  Learn how to better-control the dyes without using resists to control the flow of the dye.  
  • Additional classes available including: turning your silk into pendant necklaces via Resin, Ice dyeing, spatter or dip-dying, and many others.
Dandelions - Serti Technique, Advanced Class

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your interest!  

Rebecca Wachtman

Iris in Blue - Stop Flow Technique Advanced Class

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