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Learning to Abstract

LOVE this book! So as the title of my blog states, I am learning to do (and understand) Abstract Art .  I am working my way through a FABULOUS book (which I borrowed from my local library) titled A Practical Guide To Freeing The Artist Within - Expressive Drawing by Steven Amoine.  LOVE IT!!!!!  I am only about 1/3 of the way through the book, but I have learned sooooo much already!!  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning (or making) abstract art!! I'm doing most of the work in one of my many Art Journals, but some of the work I'm doing on typing paper (such as the Lines Tryptic) and on blank newsprint (such as the Dithering Echos). Dithering Echos One of the first things I did was an automatic drawing I called Dithering Echos.  The book starts you out with the basics of getting lines down on paper without intention (in other words... let the lines flow from you without a preconceived idea of how or what they will be like). My


Welcome to my new site!  I am excited to be taking this next-step in my journey as an artist!! I am in the process of setting up a new site (which will probably take a while).  In the mean time, I've set up this blog.  The tabs at the top will allow you to view my work, find out who I am and what I do, see some of my favorite (and most helpful) links, and take you to my business website for Thanks for your patience with me as I get this all set up - and I welcome any feedback you'd like to offer! Rebecca Wachtman