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Silk & Resin Sculptures Collection:

"Resin & Silk Starflower" (will be in CoCA's show #MakeAmericaCreateAgain from April 6th-29th, 2017.    Silk & Resin sculpture with Jacquard dyes. $357

 "Enlightened Flower" as shown at the Silk Painters International Conference show
entitled Silk In Transition.  Silk & Resin sculpture with Jacquard dyes, $329.00

2016 "A Resinable Trio" Silk and Resin sculptural bowls with Jacquard Dyes. SOLD
Each bowl approximately 4"x4".  Winner "Best Use Mixed Media - Fiber Fusion Show
Currently on tour with Surface Design Association-WA's Fiber Fusion show


Magnolias Collection

"Magnolia's Life Recycled"
Silk Painting mounted on canvas
26.25" x 20.25" x 1.75" Framed. $561.00

"Magnolias In The Mist"
Silk Painting wrapped-mounted
on mat-board 21" x 27" x .75" Framed. $561.00

Tulips Collection


"Tulips Revisted"  Silk Painting, Acrylic-
mounted onto 14x18 canvas. Framed. $252.00

"Stained Glass Tulips Too"
Silk painting mounted on 14"x18" canvas
Framed $252.00

"Sweet Lil'Tulips", Silk painting mounted
9"x12" canvas. Framed $108.00





Pocket Full of Tulips,
Silk painting mounted on 12"x12" canvas $144.00






 Individual Paintings

"Oh My, Camellia"
Silk Painting Acrylic-Mounted
onto canvas. 14.25x11.25x1.75
framed. $154.00



Goldfinch in Breeding Plumage received an Honorable Mention Ribbon - 2014 Helen Norris Open Art Show!
Goldfinch in Breeding Plumage, Framed 8"x10"
SOLD (Private Collection)

Jacquard Dyes, MS-method on Reclaimed Silk


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