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Workshops offered in Richland, WA

Silk Painting example 1 I'm so excited!! My two workshops are officially posted on Allied Arts Gallery's website!!    They are being offered in conjunction with the new Fiber Fusion show which is opening the previous weekend.  (HOORAY!).   I'm offering a beginning Silk Painting class (Serti method - which means "closing", "Wall" or Fence"...what it really refers to is using a resist to stop the dye from flowing into undesired areas of your painting), and I'm offering a workshop that will let participants play with various forms of Shibori-based resists as well as Ice Dyeing .   Shibori is a ancient Japanese set of binding techniques in which you bind your fabric in different ways to create a wide variety of patterns.  Tie-dyeing is technically a modern version of Shibori.  Silk Painting example 2 Both classes are being offered  on June 11th at the Allied Arts Gallery in Richland, WA.   Introduction to Silk Painting is being o

Fiber Fusion - The Jury Is In (and so am I!)

A Resinable Trio I am thrilled to announce that one of my new art pieces was juried into the 2016 Surface Design Association show (the show is entitled Fiber Fusion)!  The piece they accepted is a trio of small resin and silk bowls entitled A Resinable Trio (ok, I have to admit, do love playing with words!) The Fiber Fusion show opens June 1st at Allied Arts in Richland, WA and runs through the 23rd of June 2016.   After that, the show moves to VALA in Redmond, WA where it will reside from November 2016 to January 2017.   From VALA, Fiber Fusion moves to the Northwind Gallery in Port Townsend where it will be available for viewing in February 2017.  And for it's final location, Fiber Fusion will be at The Schack Art Center in Everett, WA from March through April 2017.  My Latest example of the Serti technique - made specifically as a demonstration for my silk painting class. I am so honored to be included in this show!! And I also threw my name in to t

Picasso-inspired Art

By Pablo Picasso (inspiration only!) I have a wonderful friend who asked me to think about creating a Picasso-inspired art piece for he and his boyfriend.  LOVE the idea... but um... that's a new style for me.   So I took a look at a bunch of Picasso and Picasso-inspired art on Google and Pinterest - and then got to work. Face-in-face Cubist Face I have to say I had a BLAST!  I'm not sure that Picasso would be impressed, but it is a LOT of fun to do!  So much so, that I'm now incorporating abstract-style faces into my daily drawing/doodling.  It's a great opportunity to practice drawing skills, play with shading, and step outside my normal, realistic style of drawing and painting. My friend wanted either a face-in-face style or a cubist-style or abstract face.    These are my original drawings (trying to get a feel for what he was looking for). He liked them both and asked me to try creating a face-in-face of him and his boyfriend, and then