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Sharing A Humdrum Mom's Post "An Open Letter To The New President-Elect 2016"

I am sharing this post because it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now.  FYI - it is a rather long read. :-)

Hello Mr. President-Elect,

You have no idea who I am and to be honest... if you met me you'd probably walk on by.  I'm not glamorous or chic.  I'm not young or sexy.  I am truly just an ordinary, every-day, middle-class, woman. 

Mr. President-Elect, I am one of the millions of people that you are going to be leading as the next president of the United States.  Additionally, I am one of the many who did not vote for you.  I am a bit of an odd duck in that I REFUSE to choose a political party to follow blindly.  I vote what my conscious tells me to (sometimes that is Liberal, sometimes Republican, and sometimes Democrat) and this time my conscious was screaming at me to vote against you because of some VERY inflammatory things you said as you ran your campaign.  

Mr. President-Elect, I am not stupid.  I understand that to you, this was a game ... A very-big, very-important game... but a game none-the-less.  I am guessing that when you started out, you didn't really expect to win this game.   In fact, I am betting that you expected to be shot down pretty quickly, and when that didn't happen - I'm guessing that you were pretty honored and flattered to have so many people respond so positively to you.  I have to admit I was pretty horrified when you won.  But I've been thinking a lot about the situation our country is in and how you got to be where you now reside. 

Mr. President-Elect, I have to admit you played the game VERY WELL.  So well in fact, that you shocked the world by winning.   You won the game because you played the game in a way that nobody expected.  You played without the self-imposed rules that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party use.  You played the game your way, without their rules, by courting anyone and any advantage you could take.  You played the way that big business plays - the end justifies the means... and it worked.  It worked spectacularly.   

So you've won... now what?  Mr. President-Elect, I do not know if you really understand how much power you will have - AND how much power you won't have.  You've made some really big promises and you've made some really big threats.  It will be quite an interesting four years to watch and see if you can deliver on anything you said.  

But in spite of the inflammatory things that you've said, I have hopes for you Mr. President-Elect.  I have hopes that since you have won the game, you will now go back to being more-reasonable in your approach to life.  More responsive to those that need help.  I've done some research and it does appear that you have done some good in your life prior to being the President-Elect (and prior to being the big TV personality, or perhaps under the radar of the media?).  I am hoping that you will continue to carry forward, some of those good deeds into your soon-to-be presidential life.  

You have before you Mr. President-Elect, an opportunity to be a great man.  To do great things.  To affect great change.  Within you is the power to truly be a great president.  A President that all can look up to as you lead our nation in the next four years.  But Mr. President-Elect, that opportunity starts now!  Not, when you take office, but NOW!  You've pressed the flesh; you've done the congratulatory thing.  You're doing your best to look presidential.  I am sure you're enjoying the accolades and parties.  But what I don't see, is any real effort to ACT presidential.  This nation is in crisis and things are continuing to heat up, but all I am hearing from you is silence.  It is true that you have no power-as-president until you officially take office, but you DO have power!  

Now is the time when that power can be harnessed!  Now is your first-of-many opportunities to take a stand and start to set the tone for what your administration will be.  Sir, I am asking you to please step up, make a public statement, and take a stand against hate crimes and violence!  Our children are watching.  My friends and family members are not feeling safe.  It breaks my heart to see so many people feeling desolate and distraught...and much of that is a direct result of the way you played the game and the verbal stones you threw.  But the game is over.  You've won.  You've had a chance to relax and enjoy.  Please step up and begin the process of being the President.  I understand that you gave an interview with 60 Minutes during which you denounced the hate crimes (and I appreciate that), but it is not enough.  Call a press conference, show that you are partnering with the current administration against hate crimes.  Make a stand for unity and inclusiveness. 

With stones you can build a wall Mr. President-Elect, but with stones - you can also build a bridge.   Become a president for all of us instead of just some of us. 

Thank you from a humdrum mom.


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