Art Show "Please Touch" is Opening at the A/NT Gallery at the Seattle Center!

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Please Touch show which opened October 13, 2017 at the Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the Arts (see MBNCA's Facebook page for more information) 

The show is moving to the A/NT Gallery's Center Gallery and will open this coming Saturday, November 4th.  The reception will be from 6-9pm.  

This show is special because all of the pieces were submitted with the specific purpose of being able to touch them (hence the name).  It is a rare opportunity to be invited to feel (and even hold some) gallery artwork!

Welcome being passed around at the
MBNCA opening reception.
I have two Re-FEM (Resinous Fibers Emergent Method©™) Sculptures which were juried in.  Both pieces of artwork are created from reclaimed silk.   

The first sculpture is Welcome.  Welcome is a 3-dimensional floral piece created from reclaimed silk, silk dyes, and resin with touches of gold leafing applied to the edges.  

A picture of artist Rebecca Wachtman with her
two pieces Welcome and Reclaimed Twice at
the opening reception for the show
"Please Touch"
The second sculpture is also made from reclaimed silk.  However, this sculpture was originally a silk painting mounted on canvas.  I wasn't pleased with the overall result of the painting being mounted on canvas so I reclaimed it from the canvas and then ended up using the painted silk to create a sculpture (hence the name Reclaimed Twice).   Reclaimed Twice is now a 3-dimensional floral piece which is mounted on canvas so that it can be hung and viewed vertically rather than sitting on a horizontal surface. 

I hope you are able to attend this Saturday's opening, but if not - Please Touch will be available for viewing (and touching!) through the end of Thanksgiving Weekend.  

I hope to see you there!


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