Our Place In This World

Are you like me and have felt that the last year has been filled with incredibly negative and divisive talk around the country? 

I have been hearing more and more people talking about feeling alienated, ostracized, or marginalized.  To me, it is heartbreaking to hear that many smaller community groups (such as Elderly, Muslims, LGBTQ, Veterans, Disabled, Mexicans, Youth, etc), all have community members who feel unloved, unwelcome, unwanted, and un-needed! 

In response to this rising wave of alienation, I've started the Our Place In This World community art project. 
Our Place In This World seeks to demonstrate the importance, beauty, and impact of each individual (especially those from marginalized or fringe communities), within the overall/larger community.  Everyone should know that they are beautiful, important, and hold a valued place within the larger community. 

I've started a separate blog:  https://ourplaceinthisworldcommunity.blogspot.com/  to provide information about the project including: more details about the project itself, where you can participate, and of course - photos of the project as they happen. 

I invite you to join me in celebrating all of our communities which unite to create the wonderfully diverse country that we live in! 

Our first event is being held at the Mt Baker Neighborhood Center For The Arts on Saturday, November 25th from Noon to 3pm.   I hope to see you there!


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