Time For Renewed Energy

Small Mixed Media Pieces
Well it's been quite a while since I have been able to look at my blog/website or really think about the   
  business of selling and teaching art.  Between big life changes and the Covid-19 nightmare, it has been a challenge to find the time and energy needed to create the art I want to.  

My apologies to anyone whom came looking for current information and didn't find it!!  

However, I am pleased to finally have the motivation to get moving again art-wise!  If you come back here occasionally, I hope you will find this site being updated and changed!!  

Mixed Media Journals From Reclaimed Fibers
As for me and my art, I've spent the last year or so (when not working at my muggle job), spending a great deal of time learning about Mixed Media and I have to say - I am IN LOVE!  I really enjoy the amazing freedom that Mixed Media allows me!  I get to be silly, funny, sad, and exploratory etc.  But best of all, I get to relax and play.  Sometimes with great results, and sometimes with rather horrid results - but either way, I continue to learn a ton! 

During Covid19, I took a big break from Silk Painting and Fiber Art - but am now finding myself motivated to get back into it.  So expect to see postings of Silk Paintings, Fiber Arts, AND Mixed Media!


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