Monday, February 24, 2014

Learning to Abstract

LOVE this book!

So as the title of my blog states, I am learning to do (and understand) Abstract Art.  I am working my way through a FABULOUS book (which I borrowed from my local library) titled A Practical Guide To Freeing The Artist Within - Expressive Drawing by Steven Amoine.  LOVE IT!!!!!

 I am only about 1/3 of the way through the book, but I have learned sooooo much already!!  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning (or making) abstract art!! I'm doing most of the work in one of my many Art Journals, but some of the work I'm doing on typing paper (such as the Lines Tryptic) and on blank newsprint (such as the Dithering Echos).

Dithering Echos

One of the first things I did was an automatic drawing I called Dithering Echos.  The book starts you out with the basics of getting lines down on paper without intention (in other words... let the lines flow from you without a preconceived idea of how or what they will be like).

My Lines Tryptic is one of the exercises that I've done and I LOVE the results!!!  I can even see how each one not only relates to the others, but how I could make them into 3-d sculptures.  This exercise was all about how lines relate to themselves and bringing in emphasis.
Lines Tryptic

The last two are my most recent works and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the themes. The first is fire and anger and in it, I placed anger throughout - but most notably it fuels the fire from the inside.  This exercise was about taking two emotions, words, or thoughts, and playing them against each-other on paper. 
Fire and Anger

This is a more random drawing of angles and curves.  The exercise was to let your automatic  drawings interplay and respond to each-other, but allowing for obliteration (or removal) of things that don't please you (which is why there are faint lines in some of my pathways)... and I just let them play with each-other and they seemed to build a kind of pathway or road.  (Both of these are done in my journal so you'll have to ignore the rings and holes)

Angles and Curves

I'm having so much fun, that I'm ignoring my silk paintings (oops!), but I'm hoping that what I learn will translate into even better art.

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