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SOLD! Iris in Blue and lessons in shipping to Australia

SOLD! Iris in Blue
I am so thrilled - I've sold another silk painting!  This time it was through my new Etsy store - and to a lovely woman in Australia. She chose to purchase my Iris in Blue painting (which is one of my personal favorites).  

This painting was done using Serti techniques combined with the MS (Magic Sizing) technique and is one of the first I had done combining the two techniques.  I really had fun playing with the colors and it's almost like having to let a favorite pet go --- part of me doesn't want to say goodbye!  But mostly I'm just so thrilled to have someone want my artwork!!!!

I must say that shipping to Australia is quite an interesting process and I've learned quite a bit!  For those that are interested, shipping fees are cheapest through the United States Postal Service, and the most expensive through Fedex (although UPS is a close 2nd!).  Fedex was going to charge over $300 dollars JUST FOR SHIPPING!!  holey moley!  And UPS was charging in the high $200's!  Wowza!
I had gotten a quote from USPS online (love that site!) and they were only going to charge $30 plus another $14 for registered mail.  SO after talking to Fedex and UPS in person, I decided perhaps I should talk to USPS in person too (just in case I made a mistake on their website - which I have done before!).  So after taking my artwork, some packing, and the box in to the USPS office - it turns out that their online price was correct!  For less than $50 I could send my package to Australia through USPS.  Interestingly, the USPS website states that the package will be transferred to Fedex to complete the shipping in Australia (yet shipping direct through Fedex is the MOST expensive option)...things that make you go hmmmm.

So my advice to those that are considering shipping anywhere international is to GO to the various offices in person, with your package (fully packed) in hand.  The rates vary vastly.  And one more piece of advice - make sure they handle ALL customs paperwork and fees!  Some countries have some nasty surprises fee-wise.  And that is not a nice thing to saddle the customer with!  USPS handed me the correct forms and told me what I needed to do.  Thanks USPS!!


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