Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beyond Blue at the Sidney Museum & Arts Gallery

My collaborative piece Moving Through Blue, The Inner Soul

Oh so excited!! Here's part of the write-up about our Fiber 19 show Beyond Blue, being held at the Sidney Museum & Arts Gallery in April!  (Opening reception in April 12th from 1-4pm - we'd LOVE to see you there!!).


Unfortunately my pieces weren't included in this picture, but will be at the show!

Join us in April when we feature a fiber art show from Fiber 19, an eclectic group of mixed media fiber artists.
Among the members of the group are basket-makers, quilters, silk painters, tapestry weavers, fabric and fiber sculptors, and embroiderers.  They hail from the greater Puget Sound area from Whidbey Island to Kent, plus now have members who have migrated to Portland, California, and Vienna, Austria.  The artists in the show are Sally Anaya, Mary Auld, Debra Calkins, Nikki deRelle, Kaylin Frances, Joanna Graham, Barbara Matthews, Louise Roby, Deborah Taylor, Tre Taylor, and Becky Wachtman (yep that's me!!)Continued on the Sidney Museum & Arts Gallery website.

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