Monday, March 23, 2015

Gallery Show for Blue & Beyond

Moving Through Blue, the collection (see my gallery page for more info!)

I am so happy!! I finished all of my paintings and accessories for the Blue & Beyond show at the Sidney Art Gallery & Museum (coming up in April!!). 

I finished 6 paintings, 5 lampshades (for wineglass tealights) and 10 pendants for necklaces. WHEW!

Wineglass Tealights with silk lampshades

All were done with my theme of Moving Through Blue (although a couple of lampshades were done without the motif). 

Hand-painted silk embedded in epoxy resin pendants

I love what I made and the group is far different from other things I've painted in the past.  It was a lot of fun to work on...and if it ends up being popular, I have other ideas/paintings I want to add. :) 

Now I'm starting to work on my next project, which is the scarf for the Habitat for Humanity auction in New Jersey.  I'm going to paint it with pretty, purple, pansies.  Hmmm... I may have a hard time giving this one up!


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