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I met the most amusing man and (and his most-patient partner) yesterday.   Together, they form the creative group Jeanne Dana (He is Dana, she is Jeanne) of  They make wonderful fine art castings and sell them wholesale (and at some craft fairs I believe) around the country. 

I have a semi-annual tradition of going to the Seattle Gift Show - and have done so for about 5 years now.  I started going when I first created my business (  

I originally went with the intention of trying to determine whether or not, my business could create enough product to sell via a wholesale venue like the Seattle Gift Show.  It was an amazing view into the wholesale/retail/business world - in fact I highly recommend you visit it if you get the opportunity! 

lovely, but NOT antique!
The Gift Show has changed (and not for the better, over the years), but it has been interesting to watch what businesses have succeeded and which have either failed or no longer can afford (or need to attend) the Gift Show.  

One of the BEST things I have taken away from the Gift Show, is to look at the products supplied by companies that sell home decor items!!  I have absolutely been blown away by the amount of relatively-authentic-looking items that are 
of vintage style.   Why should that blow me away, you ask??   Well, I see these items OFTEN as I peruse antique stores (and I mean, I see them ALL THE TIME!!).  These new "vintage" items, usually have had all their tags removed (including the ones that say "made in china" AND they are being sold as AUTHENTIC vintage/antiques.  tisk tisk tisk!!!  Shame on those retailers!!
Brand new, but vintage-looking

So for me, this knowledge has saved me from 1)paying far too much for cool-looking items, and 2)stopped me from being snookered into thinking I've found a good deal on a "vintage" or "antique" item.  

It really opened my eyes, and saddens me more than a little bit - because this is happening a LOT!

By the way, if you plan on attending the Seattle Gift Show (or any wholesale event) - You do need a business license and documentation in order to attend - this is not something open to the general public.

ANYWAYS, my original concept for this post is actually about the creative team Jeanne Dana. 

So there I was, walking through the gift show with my friend, feeling a bit sad that it was so empty and many of my favorite wholesalers were gone. Then, I walked up to Paper and Stone's booth.  And Dana (who can be best-described as an "interesting character"), started his shtick.  He was HYSTERICAL!  He had myself and my friend laughing and waiting to see what he'd do next.  Really amusing to watch and listen to - in fact I'm kicking myself because I didn't video him (he's got a GREAT stand-up act if he ever decides to give up art and be a comic!).  

If I had a store front, I'd have definitely bought from him (and his prices were great too)! 

A small sample of their artwork (my favorite is in the middle)To see more of their artwork, or to purchase - please see their website
He told us about his processes, and showed a variety of really lovely castings. He and Jeanne were generous in sharing details and references, and they gave me permission to blog about them.  

I'm so glad we ran into them that day!  They were truly the highlight of the day!  I wish them the best of luck and hope they receive many orders from the show.

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