Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just applied for 2 new shows - oh my

Well friends, this year is turning into a bit of a trial for me as an artist.  I'm finding my time (as an artist)  severely limited and that is INCREDIBLY frustrating! 

This year, my plan was to ramp up the business side of being an artist. 
  • Get the blog going more regularly and modernize it
  • Post on Facebook more frequently
  • Get more involved in other social media (ie, instagram, pinterest, youtube, etc)
  • Try selling more online
  • Get in more shows, galleries, etc
  • Sell more
It all sounds great and I am getting some done (researching what I want my website and/or blog to look like, posting on my blog more often, applying to shows), but life has a way of throwing a monkey-wrench into the heart of things (for instance, having to get a full-time job in order to provide benefits for my family). 

But I am working my way through it all, and squeezing in art whenever I can!

MTB The Inner Soul
MTB The Outer Shell
To that end, I have applied for two more shows.  Another University House show through the EAFA (Evergreen Association of Fine Arts), and the art show at the Puyallup Fair (now known as the Washington State Fair).  So I am awaiting the results of the University House show (called the Personal Identities Exhibition), and am feverishly working on mounting and framing my two pieces for the Washington State Fair.

For the Personal Identities Exhibition, I submitted my two abstract paintings Moving Through Blue (MTB) The Inner Soul, and MTB The Outer Shell.  They were originally painted for the Beyond Blue exhibition which Fiber 19 created for the Sidney Gallery in Port Orchard, Washington earlier this year. 

For the Puyallup Fair (I'm sorry, but it will ALWAYS be the Puyallup Fair to me!!), I have created 2 new pieces: Sweet Lil'Tulips, (which is mounted and framed) and Oh My, Camelia! (which is the piece I am desperately working on!). 
Oh My, Camelia!
Sweet Lil'Tulips

I've never done a fair before.  Apparently you apply, then turn in your artwork (meaning you physically bring it to them) and then in a few weeks, your work is either accepted into the fair's show, or you're contacted and told to come get your artwork (oh my).   SO, I've got my toes crossed (because my fingers are busy!).

I'll let you know what happens. :)

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