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Update to the 8/12/15 post "Just applied for 2 new shows - oh my"

I have found applying for shows to be an interesting situation.  Did you title your piece correctly?  Do

Also rejected
the curators think it in some way, correspond to the theme of the show you're applying to?  Do they like your work or not?  If you're rejected... you never find out why.   If you're accepted, you may hear some positive feedback - but you may not.

In light of the above questions, I have decided that IF I am going to apply for shows - I simply must be confident in my work.  If I am not, it will show through my art and my art will not get

in. And IF I am confident in my work, then it doesn't matter if I do or  don't get in to a show - because my art pleases me and I know that art is extremely subjective.  This is a weird mindset for me!  I tend to be a people-pleaser/worry-wart.  Usually I tend to obsess a bit on the what-if's.   So to accept that my art may not get in to everything I apply for AND to be ok with it --- because I know I like my art... well, that is a whole new world for me!
Also accepted

But really, it is amazingly freeing!  Do I still care what other's think?  Yes, of course... how can I not?  Do I strive to do good work in hopes that it will be appreciated? Yup. Sure do.  But, my happiness with my art, lies soley in the art itself!  My art is mine.  I hope that others love it as much as I do.  Some pieces were INCREDIBLE struggles to get through and I love how they appear (which are not exactly like I'd planned).  I'm actually ok with not getting into a show (yes, I still wait with anticipation... hoping I did get in), but for me - if I love what I made, then I have confidence in it that doesn't need outside validation (although it's still nice to hear!!!).

Case in point... my post from August 12th, this year.  I had just applied to a new University House EAFA show, and I had also applied to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup (first time I've ever tried for a fair).

A few days ago, I found out I didn't get into the EAFA show.  Was I disappointed? Sure.. but it's ok. Then I found out that one of my best friends, applied for the show (her first time EVER applying for anything!), and SHE GOT IN!  HOORAY!!!!!   So am I going to go to the opening since I didn't get in to the show myself?  YES INDEED!  I am going to support my best friend and my fellow artists. The show openings are fabulous and I can't wait to see what works made the final cut.

Then today, I received a letter in the mail from the Washington State Fair.  BOTH of my pieces were.... ACCEPTED!!!  HOORAYYYYYYY!!!!!    So excited about that!  My artwork will be on display in front of thousands of people.  WOW.  (that's actually a bit overwhelming!).

So now in my head, I'm looking at the artwork I submitted to both places.  The one that didn't get in to the EAFA show -- I like it, it's about a personal journey.  But I will admit, it may not be my best work.  It's abstract and was created because I had to make something for a collaborative show... it was fun to do, but it's not in a style that makes my soul sing.  So I'm guessing that others probably feel that way too.

The ones that did get in to the Washington State Fair.  I love.  They are done in my "normal" style and I LOVE how they turned out (although I'll admit that the Camellia is my favorite!).

This journey that art is leading me on, is amazing in it's capacity for growth and development.  Honestly - if you had told me (even 10 years ago) that I would have the confidence to not only apply for shows, but to be ok with not getting in .... I would have NEVER believed you.  But here I am.. and that's me!   How amazing!!

(perhaps it's time to see if I can make the rejected pieces into pillows!  LOL)


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