Monday, September 28, 2015

55 World Globe Bowls UPDATE

Am I up to my ears in globe-bowls? YUP!

I knew it was a lot of work when I agreed to do it, and like all big projects, I'm wondering why the heck I agreed to do this??  CRAZY!

But I am pleased to say that I have been stepping through my to-do list in a timely manner - in spite of working full time, being a mom, a wife, and having lots of extended-family issues (oy).

9/28 update - All bowls have had their final white-paint coats done on the insides!  Labels are being added and I am working on touching up major damage to the map-surface (some of the globes were missing big chunks of map).  But for the most part, they are done - HOORAY!!
So far I've completed steps 1-14 for all 55 bowls! (YEAH!!)
  1. __x_Do I have enough globes? YES.   (Whew!) 
  2. __x_Do I have enough bases? yup.  
  3. __x__Do I have enough hardware DONE .. thought I did. NOPE.  Gotta go get slightly longer screws.... sigh. I thought I had the right size, but didn't take into account that some of the globes actually have an odd curve at the bottom on the inside of the globes.
  4. __x_Cut the globes in half along the equator. Done.
  5. __x_Fix parts that came unglued or are coming apart (Done 9/11/15)
  6. _x__Clean outside of the bowls (in progress) DONE 09/07/15
  7. _x___Sand the edges and insides if needed (DONE)
  8. __x__Apply first coat of paint to the inside of bowls DONE
  9. __x__Sand the insides to knock off any high spots of paint (paper bowls have LOTS of little fibers that stick up ) DONE
  10. __x_Drill holes through all the bases (hooray! I did it using my $3 drill press I found at a garage sale - it worked like a champ!!) DONE
  11. __x__Lightly sand/de-gloss all the bases DONE
  12. __x__Paint all the bases black (per the customer's request) DONE
  13. __x__Seal all the bases DONE
  14. __x__After letting the bases dry for several days, use glue, washers, bolts, and nuts to adhere bases to bowls. DONE
  15. _ DONE___Apply a 2nd coat of paint to the insides of the bowls (and the washers and bolt-heads as well) 9/27/15
  16. __in progress__Touch up outer map if needed (several of the globes have pretty severe damage to the maps). 
  17. __in progress__Add business labels to the bottom of the bases.
  18. __IN PROGRESS__Let dry for several days before packaging for shipping
  19. ____Package for shipping
  20. ____Ship to client
Now I just need to finish painting the insides of the bowls (about 10 left to do - HOORAY!!), let them dry, finish touching up the outer shells if there is a lot of damage, add labels, and then pack & ship.

It's been a marathon - but it's been a fun challenge!

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