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Hair today, gone tomorrow?

me, Aug 2015
Ok, I know this isn't really art-related, but I'm feeling a bit .... confused... about what to do with my hair.

This is my hair (and me of course) now - trying on what are about become my new glasses  (thank you, Costco!).

 I like my hair this length because I can put it into a pony-tail or up in a little bun, or just let hang loose.  I know it's probably not the most modern look, nor is it as flattering as other looks I've had.  But the benefit of being able to put it up, is that it won't get in my way when working on art (see it is a little bit art-related!)

Yes there are blond streaks in it - but only in preparation for putting in streaks of fun colors (historically, I've had purples, blues, and/or aqua/teals in my hair).  I'm not the sort to dye my hair to cover the gray, but I am the sort to enjoy playing with color and my hair is just another canvas!

Me, April 2015 (wearing one of my silk pendants)

This was me about 6 months ago (I'm not sure how come my hair grew so much this year.. normally it's super-slow!).   Notice the dark blue and the dark teal in my hair?   At this length, I tend to always have a hairpin to hold it back out of my face.

(still have the same darned bangs-problem though!)

This is me in a similar length - but 2 years ago.  And with only the bottom-edges colored - a grey, I think.

And this is earlier that same year, but even shorter - which I think is actually quite modern and perhaps a bit edgy if I had colored it then.

Hmmm.. I've been throwing streaks and colors into it for so long, that I've forgotten how dark it was! LOL!

Well I definitely love putting colors in it (it's always fun to see what my students will say).  It doesn't shock my family at all, in fact my daughter Hailey, usually joins me in the hair-coloring adventures.

Hailey wants to wait another few weeks before we do our next coloring... but I'll post the results when we do.

Still not sure about the length though.  Should I spend time pondering "does the hairstyle make me appear more artist?"  Oh where is that magic genie when I need one?!?


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