Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Show At The Burien Arts Gallery

Hi Everyone!  I'm excited to announce that my fiber arts group Fiber 19, is having a new show open at the Burien Arts Gallery!

The show is entitled: Bountiful Textures and runs from November 4th, 2015 through December 27th, 2015.  The opening reception will be Friday the 6th of November from 6pm to 9pm at the Burien Arts Gallery.  

The Burien Arts Gallery is located at: 826 SW 152nd Street,  Burien, WA 98166.  Their contact phone number is 206-244-7808, and their website is

Artist in the show include: Sally Anaya, Debra Calkins, Deborah Taylor, Barbara Matthews, Louise Roby, Kaylin Francis, Joan Schlichting, Liz Poulos, Terry Berg, Mary Auld, Nikki DeRelle, Jan Fisher, and of course - ME!

We would love for you to come and see all the fabulous works of art!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hoorah - they received them and are starting to work with them! (them being my world globe bowls)

The florist has started experimenting

 WHEW!  My packages containing my 55+ world globe bowls finally made it to my clients in Toronto Canada.  They had a slight issue with incorrect address (sigh, not sure how that happened).

But it appears that they all made it there in good shape.  Hooray!!


Now I can focus on other, more-pressing matters.  For instance... a collaborative project (of which, I
stupidly agreed to paint 2 art pieces)


Fungus reference photo

A new silk painting based on fungus (sounds wierd, but I'm hoping will be really cool!). 

Silk Bowls - the beginning

And silk bowls (combining silk and resin) - which is my current favorite option! (look for a new post about this soon!)

Best wishes to the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation - I hope the Gala goes incredibly well!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

There's nothing like waiting for your customers to receive your packages!

When you ship something you made to a customer, do you watch it travel via the tracking information? 
 I DO!

I've checked on my 5 boxes of world globe bowls every day!

They started off in Issaquah, WA (that's the nearest post office to my location).
Then off to Kent, WA to begin their journey (I'm assuming it's a big hub for the Seattle area)
Next it was down to San Francisco, CA (Ok, I'm a bit confused by them going south!)
Now they've arrived in Canada... in VANCOUVER, Canada (which is a short distance from Seattle, but quite a long haul from San Francisco!). 
It does make you wonder how that makes more sense to the Post Office to send all 5 packages south only to then basically retrace the route back north. 

I can't wait to see where they go next (something tells me it might be an interesting choice)!  (their ultimate destination is Toronto, Ontario Canada).

Monday, October 5, 2015

World Globe Bowls Final Update - THEY'RE DONE!

5 boxes ready to ship to Canada!

It is with a sigh of relief, that I can tell you that I have finished the 55 world globe bowls (plus 2-3 extra).  FYI - 58 world globe bowls fit nice into 5 heavy-duty, medium-sized boxes. 


I am so glad to have them done.  Now I get to wait and watch them via USPS's tracking service... to make sure they are delivered.  And I am waiting with baited breath, to hear if the client likes them (I have my fingers and toes crossed!).

NOW I can get back to work on silk painting!   Ok first I have to clean up the mess that is my studio space --- 55 world globe bowls took up a LOT of space and made an incredible mess! But in spite of the cleanup I still need to do, I feel very excited and motivated to get back to my true love - silk painting!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Week of Ups & Downs

It has been quite a week… full of downs and ups and downs.

Just a few of the world globe bowls

As you’ve seen in my previous posts… I seem to be forever-busy with the 55 world globe bowls (57 now, I decided to make 2 extra).  

Every night, I busily work away at those (and have half of them done and packed for shipping now - HOORAY!), but the life of an artist (and any human) always seems to have lots of other details that want to get in the way. 

Cat-fighting cousins
This week, there are 3 details.  1 and 2 are actually different sides of the same coin.  Cousins in fact.  Both are head-strong and lovely women – who are USUALLY relatively rational… but due to conflicts over how to handle my 97 year old grandma, they are now in the battle royal (with me smack dab in the middle) OY.   This situation has been occurring since June, and EVERY time I think it’s all settled, one of them decides to create new-and-exciting strife (sarcasm!).  And I must say, that on top of my normal life
(mom, wife, vocational specialist, etc) – the cousins have added an amazing amount of stress!  And, when combined with attempting to finish my bowls??   Well let’s just say that my evenings have been ending around 3am (and then I am back up around 6am to start the next day).   Exhausted? YUP!  Annoyed? YUP!  Just want to be done with the bowls AND the cousins? YUP AND YUP!!!

But then, just when you think that things can’t get much more stressful and that your own little microcosm kind of sucks… life throws you a curve that puts everything into HORRIDLY-clear perspective (thus the 3rd detail).

I received word on Wednesday, that a friend had passed away – suddenly and without warning.  Two weeks ago she was at a retreat with me sharing laughs and art projects.  One week ago, she emailed me and gently encouraged me to teach silk painting at a local college.  Monday, she was chatting excitedly with a mutual friend about all of her exciting plans for the future. Tuesday night, she was gone.
Tre, Becky, Louise, Mary, DEB, and Barb (a few of the Fiber 19 members)

She was an inspired artist who dabbled in many different mediums (most of them fiber-related).  She was always kind and had a gentle, loving spirit.  She was a caring teacher and sharer of wisdom. She was a member of Fiber 19 and leader of the Surface Design Association (Seattle division).  She was truly a lovely woman, whom I was privileged to call my friend.  My heart bleeds for her family, and tears fall heavily when I think about all of the people whose lives she touched… whom I know will be missing her as much as I am.   

Looking through lens of the loss of a friend, makes me realize just how unimportant some of my worries have been.  I know my bowls will get made, and the family war will work itself out.   But not ever getting to share another laugh or piece of art with my friend Deb… that cannot be changed!  That is an incredibly sad fact.  One that reminds me to cherish those around me that I love (even the ones currently driving me nuts!).

Deb Taylor, you were my friend and I thank you for sharing a part of your life with me!  You are missed, you are loved, and you are remembered with fondness and joy!