Monday, October 19, 2015

Hoorah - they received them and are starting to work with them! (them being my world globe bowls)

The florist has started experimenting

 WHEW!  My packages containing my 55+ world globe bowls finally made it to my clients in Toronto Canada.  They had a slight issue with incorrect address (sigh, not sure how that happened).

But it appears that they all made it there in good shape.  Hooray!!


Now I can focus on other, more-pressing matters.  For instance... a collaborative project (of which, I
stupidly agreed to paint 2 art pieces)


Fungus reference photo

A new silk painting based on fungus (sounds wierd, but I'm hoping will be really cool!). 

Silk Bowls - the beginning

And silk bowls (combining silk and resin) - which is my current favorite option! (look for a new post about this soon!)

Best wishes to the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation - I hope the Gala goes incredibly well!!!!

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