Monday, January 25, 2016

Fiber Fusion Update

I am continuing to work on my bowls - which I am hoping to enter in the Fiber Fusion travelling exhibition... which is being produced by the Washington State Surface Design Association.  

In the mean time, I was asked to help test their online entry system (which was a nice honor!).  It's working great!! AND the call is now open, so if you are interested in participating in the Fiber Fusion show, you have until March 20th, 2016 to enter (you do HAVE to be an SDA member to get that done first!). 

Here's my latest photo shoot for one of the bowls.  Trying to figure out which background etc, I like best.  So far I've taken about 200 pictures - trying different angles, backgrounds, and ephemera.  I'll show you the one I end up using later.  :)   I may even use it to apply to the SPIN image contest for their 2016 festival!  Wish me luck!

I like the button necklace -it demonstrates how
see-through the bowl really is

I like that the bowl is the "after" and the silk
chiffon to the right of it is the "before"

I like the silks in the background
better than the others.

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