Tuesday, February 2, 2016

FINISHED! Two silk paintings - HOORAY!!

Tulips Revisited (notice the fine line details?)

I am feeling rather good - I managed to finish 2 silk paintings this week (which is pretty good for me because I work full-time and am a mom and wife!).  

The first one I finished is another tulip painting.  I am rather pleased with how it turned out.  I used the same base design for it as I did for Stained Glass Tulips Too.  My motivation for that is to show everyone (both online, and in shows) the differences between the traditional Serti method (or painting with resists that prevent dyes from flowing outside of the resist lines), and the Sistek method (a stop-flow method which uses a variety of chemicals to greatly reduce the speed at which dyes flow).  

Stained Glass Tulips Too (The dark resist lines make
it look like a stained glass piece)

As you can see, in Stained Glass Tulips Too, there are big lines outlining all of the major shapes (the lines are left by the resist), and while shading is easy (and fun!) to do... fine detail is much harder to create due to the dyes spreading so easily.  In my latest painting Tulips Revisited, there are no outlines and you can see incredibly fine detail which is possible using the Sistek method.   I think it's fun to compare the two!!

The other painting I finally finished is my chunk/section of the collaborative piece my fiber group is working on.  Mine is section 4 (and the collaborative piece is being referred to as Laundry Line). 

As I am typing this, I am waiting for both pieces to finish steaming.  Then I'll be able to mount them on to their canvases and move on to new paintings.   Now I just have to decide what to work on next! Hhmmmm.......  birds? bugs? Fungus?  (yup, I've got the desire to work on one/all of those!).  

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