Saturday, February 20, 2016

What Are Your 3 Words For Growing Your Art/Business This Year?

Isn't he gorgeous?
I am LOVING Jacqui's Wild Creative.  It's fun to look at my business, my art, and my personal life all though a somewhat different lens than normal.  This week, Jacqui challenged us to come up with 3 words for growing our businesses (and ourselves).  Hers were: Clarity, Value, and Big.  All excellent words!

I've been thinking about what my words would be... and I too, would choose BIG... but I have 2 others that I are different from hers.

  1. BIG - (perhaps the word should be BIGGER).  I want to start working on projects that are bigger in size (a great challenge because of the small space I have to work in!).  I also want to start thinking bigger ... making bigger collections, applying to bigger shows, and gaining bigger sales. 
  2. PLAN (or PRE-plan) - I will admit that when it comes to my art (and to my crafts), that I just let whimsy carry me forward (oooohhh... shiny thing!).  Because of this, I am easily distracted and rarely think about how my art will fit on a canvas or in a frame... or how I will finish it - or even how I should be painting/creating it.  I just start and then work out all the details along the way ( possibly causing myself unnecessary fear when it is getting close to being finished as I realize all of the things I didn't consider when I started the piece).  So this is an important goal for me -  one I've been thinking about for a while now. 
  3. PROGRESSION - I want to always be progressing in my art (and in all areas of my life).  I don't like stagnate things.  I love to experiment, to try out new ideas, to learn new things, and to continue to improve-on/build-upon the skills that I already have. 
Those are my 3 growth words for this year.  Have you come up with your words?  I'd love to hear what you chose!

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