Thursday, April 7, 2016

Picasso-inspired Art

By Pablo Picasso
(inspiration only!)

I have a wonderful friend who asked me to think about creating a Picasso-inspired art piece for he and his boyfriend.  LOVE the idea... but um... that's a new style for me.   So I took a look at a bunch of Picasso and Picasso-inspired art on Google and Pinterest - and then got to work.

Cubist Face
I have to say I had a BLAST!  I'm not sure that Picasso would be impressed, but it is a LOT of fun to do!  So much so, that I'm now incorporating abstract-style faces into my daily drawing/doodling.  It's a great opportunity to practice drawing skills, play with shading, and step outside my normal, realistic style of drawing and painting.

My friend wanted either a face-in-face style or a cubist-style or abstract face.    These are my original drawings (trying to get a feel for what he was looking for).

He liked them both and asked me to try creating a face-in-face of him and his boyfriend, and then for the Cubist Face, to somehow incorporate a heart.

Face-in-Face M&A

So I created a new face-in-face of my two friends... and then planned on shaping it into 1 face --- but my friend loves it as-is!

Cubist Face with
Hearts Incorporated

And then I drew out a new cubist face incorporating 2 hearts - can you find them??  1 is noticeable, the other is something you have to look for and may not find.

My friend loves this as well!!   However, now he's torn because I've been creating other abstract faces in my art journal ..and he loves those as well!     I am excited to find out which one will be his final choice (or choices??).

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